Evaluation of risk: Evaluation of occupational risks and preparation of the dossier in working

/Dir. № 5 for manner and frequency of risk evaluation – Government journal 47/1999, the Law on Health and Safety /LHS/, Government journal 124/1997/

  1. Drafting and proposing methods for evaluation of workplaces and occupational risk, adjusted for the company and all related applications and forms.
  2. Inspection of premises and workplaces.
  3. Preparation of program plan for risk evaluation in workplaces
  4. Specification of workplaces and activities that will be assessed.

    – A list of workers in occupations and sectors /departments and workshops/

    – A list of work equipment by sections /departments and workshops/

  5. Classification of workplaces for further evaluations of workplaces /observation units. Information for staff at workplaces and the professions. Filling in questionnaires.
  6. Analysis of technology and structure of the company.
  7. Collection, classification and inventory of available information on health and safety. Start of compiling a dossier of the company of working conditions. Classification of initial information on the workplaces /observation units.
  8. Preparation of references supporting – questionnaires for “the safety factors” to assess the occupational risk. Filling in the form of a working methodology – identify the hazards identified by the units defined by committees on working conditions.
  9. Perform specialized measurements of work environment factors – lighting, microclimate, noise, vibration, electromagnetic fields, dust, toxic substances and other from accredited laboratory type “C” in “Mediko” Ltd..
  10. Providing protocols of the control factors of working environment /noise, lighting, microclimate, dust, toxic substances, etc.. /
  11. Identifying workers at risk. Identification of critical groups
  12. Evaluation of work processes, equipment, facilities, workplaces, work organization, work environment factors and work process and determination of those at risk.
  13. Risk evaluation and additional measures introduced by management and control of hazards and risks in priority order.
  14. Checking collected documents. Summarizing the material for the entire company:

    – Establishing the list of problems to solve and measures

    – Prioritization

    – List and discuss the draft action plan for committees on working conditions

  15. Development of measures for risk reduction:

    – To improve the working environment and working process

    – Health and safety at work

    – Recommendations on the restructuring of work organization and labor burden of ill employees and pregnant. Government Journal № 8, 44/1993, Government Journal. 47/1990

    – Setting priorities

Normative documents:

Law on Health and Safety at Work / LHSW / (published Government Journal 124/1997 )

Directive № 5 11.05.1999 for the order, manner and frequency of risk evaluation (Government Journal 47/21.05.1999 )

Directive № 3 25.12.2008 for the terms and conditions for activity of the occupational health services. / Government Journal 14, 12.02.2008 /